100% Arabica Coffee Awesomeness!

February 6, 2017

We were researching some wicked Café Interior Design projects and on that journey we came across todays awe inspiring feature project, not only is this design absolutely awesome, but it also follows yesterdays post perfectly as it is another fantastic example of how creativity should have no limitations.

On the face of it % Arabica is a simple coffee kiosk, but when you delve deeper into the design you realize that it is so much more than “just” a coffee kiosk. Designers Puddle have created 20 square meters of awesomeness, the greenhouse inspired design ticks so many boxes for us, the main being an epic design and the second being something that can be quite modular as it can be dis-assembled and re-assembled in the matter of a day.

As coffee lovers, especially specialty coffee lovers and as architects, designers and appreciators of great design, this is a project that is right up out street. Too damn cool for school!

Photography credited to Takumi Ota