100% Chocolate Yumminess!

June 10, 2012

Later this evening we have a meeting about a potential new chocolate store for the UAE and it gave us a reason (like we needed one) to research more chocolate shops and cafes from around the world.  During this research we came across another awesome creation from the guys at Wonderwall in Japan.

The 100% Chocolate Café based in Tokyo, Japan is another mouth wateringly delicious chocolate store that has us frothing at the mouth. Much like the Godiva project we previously featured from Wonderwall this project is all about appealing to the senses, particularly the visuals senses, no better exemplified than by the gorgeous chocolate bar ceiling feature, just yummy!

Although not usually a fan of dark and moody interiors I do make an exception with some projects with this being one of them. The dark interior is a feature in itself as it along with the design features give a real sense of chocolate richness, it is against this backdrop and because of it that the fridges and lighting features work so well. Check out the images below and I challenge you not to salivate or imagine the yummy possibilities that the ceiling feature offers.

Photography Credited to Kozo Takayama