November, 2012

  • November 29, 2012

    Men really are becoming more and more fashion conscience these days, everywhere you look it seems that men’s fashion brands are advertising, be it in the magazines, on Shiekh Zayed Road billboards or on the tele, as a result of this menswear stores are becoming just as stylish and fashionable, leading to some wicked examples of awesome retail interior design. Take today’s project as […]

  • November 27, 2012

    It seems I have been quite quiet this past week, I assure you I am not sitting on the beach or on some European high street sipping a delicious latte and having a taste of the upcoming festive season, I can only wish, no unfortunately I have been snowed under a mountains worth of tender reviews for our large (47,000 sq ft) sports centre […]

  • November 20, 2012

    As Autodesk products play such a major role in my everyday activities as an interior architect I thought it would be remiss of me not to feature their new office project on this blog. The new Autodesk center in San Francisco is a triple whammy in that it is a gallery, customer briefing center and an office space for the Autodesk employees. The design […]

  • November 19, 2012

    Very early on this year we covered an interesting project by Christian Schallert at his home in Barcelona, his apartment was tiny at a mere 280 sq ft but it quickly landed acclaim from designers and architects as being the LEGO house as it seamlessly transformed itself to suit the inhabitants daily needs. This concept has been adapted and evolved into the luxury market […]

  • November 18, 2012

    Last month Emma our design director was featured in popular local publication, Commercial Interior Design Magazine MENA, also known as Design MENA on their web publication.  In the article Emma was discussing recent retail trends and trends that we anticipate will be making a big splash in the Retail sector in the coming months. The entire article can be read here on pages 62-66.  […]

  • November 15, 2012

    I have said time and time again that I love it when a large retail or restaurant chain throw out the brand manual and create a concept store that is like none that came before it, it’s quite refreshing and exciting as these brands have no excuse for not reinventing themselves on a more regular basis and keeping up with the changing trends and […]

  • November 12, 2012

    This week we have spent a lot of time working on our sports center project, particularly in the offices section of the project, as such we have spent a lot of time with office furniture suppliers and one thing that keeps coming back to me is how naff cubicles are. I detest using cubicles in office projects but sometimes they are a necessary evil, […]

  • November 11, 2012

    By now most of you who read this blog will know of my love for projects that retain a certain sense of eclectic rustic charm, especially when those projects involve the design of something that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with this type of design. Today’s feature project is an awesome example of this. The Serrajòrdia Bakery is based in the town of Sant Cugat […]

  • November 6, 2012

    It’s now at that time of the year again, that time when I don’t have to stand under my AC unit to cool down and I can finally venture outside and do some exercise without fear of melting, the Dubai winter has finally arrived. As such I think I shall be getting on my bike and enjoying the cool breeze in my hair while […]

  • November 5, 2012

    Having spent most of the past weekend soaking up the sights and sounds of the Yas Marina Circuit and the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 as well as Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, I simply had to do a Formula 1 inspired blog post. The trick is I wasn’t too sure as to which store to feature until I put the question to the office and […]

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