April, 2013

  • April 30, 2013

    As an interior architect and designer I often get asked what my favourite projects are, believe me when I say I have many across all the different sectors within our industry, today I thought I would share with you my favourite café project. I still can’t believe that I have never featured this project fully before, I did feature it as part of snap shot […]

  • April 29, 2013

    Over the past few months we have seen a huge surge in requests from clients asking us to design kiosks for them within the malls of the UAE. I don’t really know where this surge has come from, perhaps it is the rising rents or perhaps it is because new entrepreneurs who are looking to break into the market are looking to test drive […]

  • April 28, 2013

    Less is more, we have coined that phrase quite a few times on this blog and in relation to this term one of the things we often tell our new clients is to pick one thing and be awesome at that before branching out. For instance how many electronics stores to we go into and they are a hive of mish mashed competing activities […]

  • April 24, 2013

    These past few weeks have been pretty crazy at Studio EMquarters with a few new projects that have come in, needless to say that the coffee has been flowing in ample amounts. With all the restocking going on it’s fair to say that I am slightly jealous that I don’t have an awesome store like today’s feature project to go to on my trips […]

  • I’m not too sure as to why or how but thankfully over the last few months we have been winning quite a few salon projects, from gents grooming salons, to ladies waxing salons to ladies hair salons which is brilliant as we absolutely loving doing salon interior design projects in Dubai and the UAE. One of the big trends we have seen within salon […]

  • April 22, 2013

    One of the best tools for any small business that deals in a lot of data transfer and large files has to be Dropbox. For small companies such as ours that don’t have large oversized and under utilized servers that take up an entire storeroom in an office, Dropbox is absolutely brilliant, especially if you are running your office off of Mac’s as it […]

  • April 18, 2013

    Having recently moved into our new office I am now within a stones throw from my home, which is great, I have even toyed with the idea of cycling into work but then I remembered how dangerous that can be with the wonderful driving in the morning in Dubai and the heat. Even with that it has been awesome seeing so many cyclists out […]

  • April 15, 2013

    It’s coming to that time of the year again, that time of the year when temperatures are soaring and the sky takes on a vibrant shade of blue, summer is almost here, which means that for the next few months we are all going to be looking for ways to cool ourselves down. It may be done by jumping into a swimming pool or […]

  • This week we have been getting to work on a new salon concept for one of our clients, as always with a new project we spend hours doing our research and looking at trends and concepts from around the world, which is usually where we find awesome projects for this blog. Today’s feature project popped out at us immediately during our research as being […]

  • April 9, 2013

    This week at Studio EM is all about samples and our sample library. We have finally moved into our new office and as such we see it as the perfect time to update our materials library, I must admit that gathering, looking at and organising samples is one of my favourite things to do as a designer away from the drawing table. However as […]

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