December, 2013

  • This year has been another wonderful year for our blog, as it continues to grow in popularity we want to thank all of our readers for their clicks, likes, comments and sharing, it is greatly appreciated. As the year is drawing to an end we thought it the best time to publish our annual list of the top 10 posts on our blog from […]

  • December 23, 2013

    We want to wish each and everyone of you a wonderful and Happy Christmas and we hope that you all have a magical New Year.  2013 has been another awesome year for us at Studio EM with so many happy memories and many more wonderful people that we can call clients and friends, thank you all for your amazing support and kindness throughout the […]

  • December 22, 2013

    With Christmas just around the corner, there will be a lot of excited children (and adults too) on the big day after Santa Claus visits. No doubt many young children will have something under their tree from Crayola. There’s a good chance that Crayola Crayons were on of the first items I ever used as young wannabe designers so when I came across their […]

  • December 16, 2013

    Today’s feature project, as the title would suggest has a real organic feel to it, based in Krakow, Poland this awesome little cosmetics boutique was designed by Polish based design firm Hornowski Design. The boutique has been filled with around 100 straw bales and not only do they form a wicked sustainable concept but they sure do look seriously cool when place alongside the […]

  • December 15, 2013

    Two months ago we covered an awesome new concept in the world of food retail, the mini M grocery shop is a wicked alternative to your local hypermarket or mega chain grocery store, following on from the success of this project, designer Matali Crassent has taken the concept even further by creating a fast food concept called Mini R. The design has a lot […]

  • December 12, 2013

    Having just moved into a new house (finally out of apartment living) I have discovered that I have a cool attic space and what have I used it for? Probably what 90% of everyone uses it for, storage space! Well isn’t that just a complete waste of square footage, especially when you see what Inblum Architects have done with an attic space in Minsk, […]

  • December 10, 2013

    It has been a while since we did an awesome product feature on this blog but today’s product feature post is well worth waiting for.  As office interior designers we love creating spaces that work for both the productivity and the wellbeing of the staff and one of the areas that we identify as being super important in office interior design is breakout areas. […]

  • December 8, 2013

    One of the principals we stand by in design is that a project doesn’t necessarily need to be filled with loads and loads of design features to stand out as a wicked project. In many cases one distinct design feature can be the difference between a project being super awesome or being rather dull and placid. Today’s feature project is one such example of […]

  • December 5, 2013

    Time for some super amazing awesome news that has me thrilled to bits 🙂 Commercial Interior Design Magazine, the leading interior design magazine in the Middle East and a foremost expert in all things commercial interior design have just launched their top 50 power list of the most influential designers in the Middle East and I as part of Studio EM have been placed as number 40th in […]

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