25 Hours Of Design Because 24 Is Simply Not Enough!

December 18, 2011

Take sustainable architectural design using recycled materials, mix this with some quirky and innovative interior design concepts that all equate to representing the stories of 25 sailors and their exploits from around the world then throw in a shipping yard theme and what have you got? Well the answer seems bizarre, but you have an exceptional yet innovative new hotel design from Steven Williams Associates and proprietors 25hours Hotel in Hafencity, Hamburg.

The quirky and industrial hotel design has been much talked about in the architecture and interior design world over the past few weeks and we thought it was time we shared it with you.  Steven Williams Associates have designed the hotel in such a way that it is representative of an old fashioned shipping warehouse.  The eclectic and as some have said, eccentric hotel pays homage to the seafarers of a bygone era as well as modern day Dockers and workers who troll our docklands and harbors.

This hotel stands out so much to us as it combines and number of the things we love most in architecture and interior design, those being suitability, difference, innovation and a daring attempt at changing the landscape for the better by embracing a new industrial and environmental approach to design.  Check out the images below and let us know what you think.

If you want to know further information on this project with a greater in-depth look into the inspiration behind the project check it out here on Dezeen.