5 Out Of 5 For This Shed Design!

September 6, 2012

This week seems to be the week of restaurants on our blog but I assure you it is no coincidence, as we research for a project we are working on we normally come across quite a few projects that I see and simply say… That is awesome; I have to blog it and share the design love.  Today’s project is no different and it comes all the way from Melbourne, Australia. I seem to be seeing quite a lot of cool projects coming from Melbourne recently; maybe it is a sign that I need to be planning my next holiday to this design hotspot.

Shed 5 is a wicked restaurant concept that ticks all of the industrial boxes that I love to see in many of today’s modern restaurants. The idea of industrial design in restaurants is that it is about creating a buzz and an atmosphere assault on the senses, the notion of industrial design is all about convenience and creating a relaxed environment for everyone to enjoy, from families on a quick tea stop to business type folk on a power lunch to two friends having a long drawn out catch-up, the design is all about accommodating this wide range of customers, where as a more polished, high end, fine dining or luxury design is about appealing to a smaller customer base. I think that is why I love the design trend so much as it caters for all of us, be it me in my manky jeans and boots after a site visit or Kristian in his suit after a presentation or to my mum in her flip flops and shorts.

Designed by Loop Creative, Shed 5 is exactly this type of place and it has a stunning industrial rustic interior that is also quite polished. Favorite elements for me include the huge feature wall that is akin to something you would see in the London Underground, it has such a presence that breaks up the high wall in a funky way plus it is also a cool way of integrating the brand. What I also like is how the integrity of the warehouse has been maintained by keeping the high ceiling open and accentuating it by using the hanging lights, which brings me to my next point, the light features really make this space and are what immediately grab my eye, after the feature wall and the massive chimney in the middle of the bar area. All in all this project is a winner for me and if I ever do get that holiday to Melbourne then I will definitely be popping in for a look.

The images below are renders for the project, the completed project can be viewed here but I prefer the renders in this instance, the final project delivery has a few deviations.