A Big Panda On Campus!

It has been a crazy week this week at Emquarters which is why I am so late with today’s blog entry but the good thing is that today’s is very much worth waiting for. As we head into the weekend it can only mean that it is Thursday funky fresh fun project time, that time of the week when we feature an uplifting and vibrant design that makes us smile. As I booked my summer holidays last night I have more reason to smile but funnily enough today’s feature project is based in one of the cities that I shall be visiting on my jollies so hence I am beaming like a Cheshire cat because I may indeed get to see it in person.

Get ready for an explosion of vibrant colors and playful design elements because that is exactly what is on offer with the Bangkok University in Thailand. The new student lounge has been designed by Supermachine Studio, all 1000 square meters of the space is about quirky design. Like most student lounges this space has loads of breakout areas for studying and working on projects in groups or on your own but unlike every other student lounge in the world this lounge has a giant Panda in the middle of it. That’s enough reason in itself to spend every day there. Check out the awesome images below and try not to get too jealous when you think of your former students lounge, because surely it can’t compare to this piece of funky fresh and vibrant design.

Have a great weekend folks!

Images Credited to Wison Tungthunya

Check out  Supermachine Studio for a greater insight into the project.