A Blue Wave Of Great Design!

November 24, 2011

It’s that time again folks, Thursday afternoon when it comes to the end of our working week here in Dubai, spirits are high as the sun is shining and the weekend is nearly upon us. To further lighten the spirits and the mood we now call it Funky Thursday’s on this blog. Today’s funky Thursday project really is incredibly cool. We first got excited about this project when we saw the design and construction phase catalogued on designboom, now the project is finished and opened we are more excited than ever to finally see the finished product.

The awe inspiring project is called the “tori-tori restaurant” and it is based in Polanco near Mexico City. The restaurant was designed as part of a collaboration between rojkind arquitectos and design workshop Esrawe Studio and what a collaboration it has been producing magnificent results. The Japanese restaurant has probably one of the most recognisable and interesting facades you will see in hospitality design, the waved effect is caused by two layers of steel that have been curved and bent into shapes, the blue lighting feature gives these layers an extra dimension that highlights the creativity of the structure, from the images below you can see some of the intricate detailing that makes this façade so innovative.

What pleases us even more is that this façade isn’t just for outsiders viewing, the genius of it can be seen and shared from within the interiors, which is perhaps why the interior walls are so plain, so as they don’t detract from this amazing design feature and enhance its presence on the inside of the building. The interior itself is an exceptional piece of design with our favourite element being the wooden room with the green wall, the minimalist design creates the perfect backdrop to highlight the beautiful woods used as well as giving greater depth and dimension to the architectural structures within the interior.

This really is an awesome project, a project that reminds us why we love being designers, the opportunities to get to design spaces and building such as this is a real privilege. Have a look at the images below and let us know what you think and definitely pop over to designboom to see the 3D renders of the concept design and the time lapse images of the construction phase to see the real journey of this project.

All images credited to Paúl Rivera