A Bookstore Worth Reading About!

October 30, 2013

In the past we have featured quite a few awesome bookstores on this blog, these eye-catching interiors coupled with our love for books, especially interior design books are enough to send our design buds into overdrive. Today’s feature project is one that could easily become our favorite bookstore so far and it has our design spider senses going into over drive.

The fantastically creative and inspiring bookstore is the Bestiari bookshop and is based in Barcelona, designed by Jorge Pérez Vale the bookstore is a wonderful example of a project using recycled and reclaimed wood to achieve such a functional yet striking look. The bookstore is based within an old renovated indoor market, which is a reason why this design is so fricking cool, the use of the crates and boxes pay homage to the market trader days gone by.  The intricate detailing of the furniture and the clever lighting design really make this project an absolute standout within the world of bookshop interior design, enjoy 🙂

Bookstore Interior Design

Bookstore Interior Design2

Bookstore Interior Design3

Bookstore Interior Design4

Bookstore Interior Design6

Bookstore Interior Design7

Bookstore Interior Design8

Bookstore Interior Design9

Bookstore Interior Design10