A Cocktail Of Salvaged Wood And Sustainable Design!

February 19, 2012

Our love for all things different is something that many of our clients comment on, different doesn’t need to be new or innovative difference can be a combination of many things that break the norm. Take todays feature project as an example. What makes Bobby Gin in Barcelona so different to most other cocktail bars in your local town or city is the attention to detail and the quirky use of reclaimed and recycled furniture.

Normal have created an elegant cocktail bar that is right up our street in terms of design, the difference created by their choice of furniture, finishes and equipment is quite spectacular. Take the bar as an example, the long table that goes the length of the bar is made up of old reclaimed and painted wooden doors, the ceiling features are recycled empty picture frames, the “tables” that adorn the walls are old cupboards that have been cut into the shape of wall units and the door into the lavatories is made up of old drawers and cupboards. Not only do all of these elements look really cool they create a real warmth and charm, something that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with a cocktail bar.

The stripped back nature of this design with the exposed white painted stone walls and the timber flooring is as far removed from the neon filled cocktail bars we have come to know in the past as you could probably get, but the thing is, this design with the stunning lighting features really works, it is a great project that shows how reclaimed and salvaged materials can really play a prominent role for designers who design with difference.

The following is a description of the project from Normal:

We’ve had a great time with this project: we’ve made door collages, invented one legged furniture, put part of the floor on the wall, made doors look like cupboards and hung paintings on the wall. Nevertheless, Bobby Gin looks pretty Normal. The idea was to create the most memorable result possible within a very limited budget. We ended up with a radical organization of the space using alternative resources: a) strategic placement of wood paneling and materials; b) customized furniture and c) extreme care in all the details that help create the bar’s signature atmosphere. The strong front door frames a richly textured interior: the bar covered in a collage of old doors, furniture designed from recycled drawers, the mirror that dominates the left-hand side, the stone wall painted white on the right.

The vertical paneling in the central module in tinted oak fades into the floors to blur the edges of the hallway. This way, with help from the retro, homey furniture, the dark, narrow hallway becomes a cozy place to stand and chat. A fun cupboard hides the inevitable presence of the door to the bathroom in the main room, while maintaining aesthetical coherence with the other elements that make up the space. Frames made from molding, also salvaged, allow us to camouflage the soundproofing system on the ceiling… and, in the same line, a long etcetera of resources to make the most of the space in an atmosphere that is both surprising and cozy.

Photography Credited to Pedro Pegenaute