A Colourful Design Feature That Steals The Show!

December 8, 2013

One of the principals we stand by in design is that a project doesn’t necessarily need to be filled with loads and loads of design features to stand out as a wicked project. In many cases one distinct design feature can be the difference between a project being super awesome or being rather dull and placid.

Today’s feature project is one such example of the former, the Run Colours Sneaker Store in Poland is a project that is dominated by a super funky and inspiring design feature and as the name of the brand would suggest, you know it’s going to involve colour and even more cleverly, the idea of colour running through the design.

Designed by mode:lina architekci  the store has a unique balance, the subdued backdrop of the store is entirely black and vintage, this is juxtaposed with the colorful design feature beautifully and really allows the design feature to pop and exclaim itself.  As a project I am going to let the images below speak for themselves and you can see how the design feature of the colour run throughout the store really propels this project into the super cool project category as well as how clever the designers were in using the colour run design feature as being a subtle yet striking example of brand extension through store design, enjoy 🙂

Run Colour Sneaker Store Interior Design1

Run Colour Sneaker Store Interior Design

Run Colour Sneaker Store Interior Design2

Run Colour Sneaker Store Interior Design5

Run Colour Sneaker Store Interior Design3

Run Colour Sneaker Store Interior Design4