A Dapper Store For Dapper Men!

August 13, 2012

Something that we constantly preach to our clients, perspective clients and anyone who will listen is that the difference between a regular design and a really awesome design is not as one would think. It is not a hundred different design features and elements but it can sometimes be just one simple element. Projects don’t need to be crammed with design elements to cover up every square foot of space; in fact some would say that quite the opposite is true, some would say that in retail design less really is more. An inspiring project that shows how less really is more is the new Haberdash store in Stockholm, Sweden.

The men’s retail store host some of the more dapper wears that one would expect with the modern man and the store interior which was designed by From Us With Love is the perfect style accessory to accompany the stylish threads on offer. Compared to some projects we have featured before it would be unfair to call this a minimalist design but as you can see from the images below the store certainly is very refrained and expertly laid out, the design and layout is so clean, fresh and efficient, this has created a very “pleasing on the eye” design.

The clever visual merchandising using the suspended rods and the classic bookshelf mixed with the neutral color palette that is lifted up with the lightest of woods as an accent finished off with the simple yet stunning light fixtures is why this store is an absolute gem and why it is not just a regular store but a really awesome store. The smallest of design touches and the clean finishes applied from the designers are beautifully done and are the main reason why this store is better than one that is filled with 101 design features.

Images Credited to Jonas Lindstrom