A Delightful First Stop For The Holiday Season!

June 11, 2014

Earlier this week we started to lay the foundation for the upcoming holiday season by taking a look at an awesome Hotel project as our feature project, so today we thought we would compliment it with a look at a delightful little beach wear store, after all for most of this, this summer is going to be all about beach wear.

The thing with beach wear is that it automatically takes you to a place that is colorful, warm, airy, bright and relaxed so of course the beach wear store design should do exactly the same thing.  Thankfully the guys over at Bubululu Mailbu have nailed that feeling with their gorgeous little store based in Bali. I love the freshness and vibrant feel to this store but the design also retains a certain amount of elegance and for me, this is an absolutely stunning combination 🙂

Beach Shop Interior Design

Beach Shop Interior Design2

Beach Shop Interior Design3

Beach Shop Interior Design4