A Fun Take On The Flavour’s Of Mexico!

July 9, 2014

Today’s feature project is another recent example of cool fast food design and this time it comes all the way from Mexico, which is great as it combines my love for Mexican food and for funky interior design.

The project is called Taqueria La Lucha and was designed by Metricastudio to capture a sense of quirky coolness. I like this project as it is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, I wouldn’t call it an interior design masterpiece, not by any stretch of the imagination however you can’t deny that it’s a really cool and quirky design that will grab your attention.

I do like the typography and graphics used in the design, especially on the window and the main signage, I also quite like the stereotypical Mexican Wrestler element, this creates a bit of humor which is something I love to see in projects, especially on the funny wall feature. I do love projects that don’t take themselves too seriously and this is one such project, which is perhaps why it is such a guilty pleasure. Enjoy 🙂

Mexican Fast Food Interior Design

Mexican Fast Food Interior Design2

Mexican Fast Food Interior Design3

Mexican Fast Food Interior Design4

Mexican Fast Food Interior Design6