An Office That Is A Home Away From Home!

November 9, 2011

Living and working in Dubai we come across many commercial villas that were once residential units but are now commercial offices. One of the things that I always enjoy when going into a commercial villa is seeing what the owners or designers have done with the space in terms of interior architecture and design, for instance on the Al Wasl or Jumeriah Roads there are a plethora of plastic surgeons, dentists, beauty salons, health clinics, scuba diving centres and restaurants, all of these businesses operate out of buildings that were once built for residential purposes, you would be amazed to see how many of them now look on the inside, a total transformation has gone on and you would not be blamed for thinking you were standing in a purpose built commercial block.

The idea of turning what is essentially a house into a fully functional office space may seem absurd to some of you but todays project is one where this has been done with great aplomb, once you see the photos you may even start to reconsider your next office space. Ezzo Design has taken a traditional house in Timisoara, Romania and turned it into a fantastically creative working space for Romanian Web Design Studio X3. The office design is split of two stories and the attic, it may take you a few times looking through the photographs below to get your head around this project and to see it as an office space but once you do you will see what we see, a brilliant office and funky design.

The only problem we would have with this office is having to leave it, it just looks so comfortable and cosy as well as being an excellent place to work and be creative. After the photos below there is a project description from the designers.


Photography Credited to Andi Popescu

Here is a project description taken from the Ezzo Design website by the designers:

The X3 Studio – an attic like an “easel with its canvas prepared” (Stefan Lazar quote).

Right from the very first step in this studio of creativity, you are guided by the message of the stairs and once you feel it, you are surprised by the emotion of discovering what’s behind the first door.  There’s a familiar air, framed in wood and old objects, the season of lamps and parades, awarded by the cubic cobble, then as a childhood excuse: the bicycle – under a different dimension, the one of handrail and the performance of a hanger, all so that you can afterwards bend yourself to a natural distort of reality, with raids in movie stories, imagination and characters descended from a parallel entity (Darth Vader conjugated in the female eternal). All these are framed in a picture of creativity and introspection, that is to say the ethos of X3.

The space is expanded on 2 levels – the open-office, the space designed for creativity, framed by the Black Office and The White Office, and the upper one, intended for relaxation, communication and meetings, where the big windows aligned to the sky, allow the light to fall in tides.  

  1. The piano: The welcome area designed for clients, is managed by the warm presence of a Franz Wirth piano, drowned in vibrant colors. Its identity, along with the trophies absorbed on the dependent wall, defines the independency of style and continues to describe the designers, the occupants of the open-space. The reluctance between black and white and the color applied on the piano, drives into energy, intuition, rationality.
  2. The worktable: The Authenticity of the office is determined by the joint of creation, as a concept from a different field, belonging to a former century and the current hi-tech, a layout that erases the timeline.
  3. Open office:  The office as an open layout is considered and planned through details; the worktables are disposed so that they could induce a voluble environment for the X3 members.  Initiated from the concept of a complete imagination, the wall is seen as the ornamental art of any moment, defined through drawings and words, with its end in some imaginary stories, it may anytime suffer continuous changes .
  4. The White Office: The personality of the White Office is given by the legs taken from different tables, belonging to some other ages and styles, subtle dignified and also given by the roundness of shapes and the simplicity and compliance of white color.
  5. The Black Office: Towered by the color of masculinity and audacity, The Black Office is hiding pieces from different ages, absorbed by the spontaneity of the clock and the play of the spider lamps.
  6. The Wall of Books: The type of natural impress, which occurs as a matter of course, a nature that retains a particular, managerial authority. Seen as an active palette, the wall reasons to the return to dominance, conceded as well for the wide spectrum of colors and the thirst for knowledge.
  7. The bathroom of surprises: We all feel at some point the need of communication. Why shouldn’t we feel it in the bathroom as well? The attendant, the one who’s hiding in the bathroom, occurs as an add-on to an adventure defined by uniqueness and arouses a feeling covered in amusement, so that in the next moment you think to yourself: Why not?
  8. The Bon Appétit Area:  Determined by a wooden structure, there is a practical kitchen hiding here, drowned in light and colors.
  9. The Chill-out room: Brings together pieces of new as well as elements and details of vintage, in an absolute curiosity, which places it beyond conventional, along with the swiveling TV-wall that determines the chill-out room from the meeting room.
  10. The meeting room: Introduces unusual furniture pieces and so the wood and the colors warm up the room.

Hence, the studio can be summed up as an outline image of the perception, feeling and the carefulness of a designer who has reached his word by simply reaching answers on the emotional level: “It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to” (Jim Jarmusch).”