A Hostel The Laughs At The Stereotype!

January 28, 2013

Yesterday we covered a gorgeous boutique hotel in Sydney, Australia but today we take a change in the complete opposite direction both with regards to what continent we are on and what type of project we are featuring. Although still within the travel and tourism sector today’s feature project couldn’t be more different to the QT Hotel in Sydney but it doesn’t mean that it is no less awesome.

The U Hostel in Madrid, Spain is another wicked example in the growing trends of designer hostels around Europe, we have covered a number of them over the last year and U Hostel in Madrid is as equally as impressive as those. The designers behind this project have done a brilliant job in creating a bright, vibrant and welcoming hostel that kicks the notion that hostels are grubby back packer last resort kind of place right out of the window.

I love the bright vibrant colors, the oversized but understated way finding, the playful motives on the walls and the stunning use of vintage retro furniture in the common areas, the canteen also stands alone as a seriously cool piece of interior design, I am all over the suspended bulbs and the exposed brick look, it helps to keep this Hostel grounded and retain a sense of humble beginnings which is the basis of the hostel concept. This is a wicked project, another fine example of the new wave of hostels that are popping up all over Europe; we hope you enjoy the images below as much as we did.

Images Credited to Jose Parreno Fotografo

U Hostel Interior Design6

U Hostel Interior Design4

U Hostel Interior Design3

U Hostel Interior Design5

U Hostel Interior Design7

U Hostel Interior Design8

U Hostel Interior Design9

U Hostel Interior Design10

U Hostel Interior Design11

U Hostel Interior Design13

U Hostel Interior Design12

U Hostel Interior Design14

U Hostel Interior Design16

U Hostel Interior Design1

U Hostel Interior Design2

U Hostel Interior Design15