A Hotel To Fit Your Mood!

Sustainable, eco-friendly, stylish, sleek, sexy and green are only a few words we used to describe the MOOD’s hotel located within the ever popular Prague city centre. The hotel was designed by Czech architects Vladimir Žák and Roman Vrtiška. Prague has seen a renaissance over the last 10 years in hotel, retail, F&B design and in tourism, the demand for high end and trendy hotels to cater towards this influx of the wealthy tourist has lead to hotels such as MOOD’s becoming all the more popular, and if the designs to continue to be as contemporary as this we welcome it.

As always what attracted us to this project was its vibrancy and sustainability, the hotel is an extension of the rising Prague art scene. MOOD’s is a refurbished bank and opened in late 2009. The project uses a constant mix of recycled and reclaimed wood for the doors, skirting and furniture. The use of bamboo shoots is prevalent as a design feature which you can see behind the reception desk as well as the use of a feature living wall made entirely out of moss.

Not settling for having a terrific interior, MOOD’s also have a world class technical partner, Apple! Once you know this it is easy to look at the interior again with a renewed vision and sense Apple’s presence within the design. Apple have chosen a very wise partner in MOOD’s as this hotel reflects their ideology and target consumer to a tee.

MOODs is the first Apple multimedia hotel in Europe, equipped with high speed Wi-Fi, IPod/IPhone, HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface), USB, audio, video and LAN connections in each of the hotel’s 52 rooms. Could this hotel be any trendier?