A Is For Apple, S Is For Simple, D Is For Design!

December 21, 2011

Apple are Apple, simple as that, and by that I mean we all know who Apple are, most people have heard of, seen or used their products at some point. We know the brand and we know what it is all about and we know all of this without having to be force fed it in the media or via advertising. I don’t know what it is exactly that differentiates Apple from all of the competitors in the market; they just have that certain je ne sais quoi, and it is because of that mystical aura they have that they can created a new minimalist store with little to no branding or design features and we automatically know it is an Apple store.

The new store I am talking about is Apple’s new space at Grand Central Station in New York, this store now typifies the Apple Brand and the Apple experience, they are one of only a few brands I can think of that are so successful and so well known that they can get away with such an outrageously simple interior design for their store. This store just blends effortlessly into the background of one of the world’s busiest train stations. The design is so subtle and laidback that it is almost horizontal and most importantly it works, I can honestly say that I would expect many of the rival brands to plaster the space in tardy visual merchandising and advertising displays that would “create and environment”. Yet Apple are now so strong that they don’t have to, they can get away with this muted approach.

From a design and architecture point of view we are delighted to see that Apple has respected the history and beauty of Grand Central Station by not adorning that structure with cheap or tacky graphics and kept the design so beautifully simple so that it does not detract from the stunning architecture, this is something we have discussed in previous posts and it is great to see. Have a look at the images below and tell us if you can think of any other brand that could get away with such a simple interior as this.