A Law Office The Goes Against The Grain!

February 4, 2013

Since we signed the lease for our new office in Dubai it is fair to say that we have been kind of consumed by office design projects. As our new office is on the small side being only 1000 square foot, we have been looking at how we can make a small place both functional and creative, during our research we came across awesome projects such as this wicked office in Valencia, Spain.

Zapata & Herrera is a law firm and what strikes me first about this office is that it is so untypical of any law firms office that I know. The design which was created by + Quespacio Design is really quite simple, yet not to be confused with boring as it is far from boring, it is clean, sharp, creative and very attractive. I am loving the use of the gorgeous wood tones throughout the project, I really like how this is mirrored in both the furniture and the fixtures and fittings. The furniture is stunning, the couch is a real eye pleaser for me, what I also love is how this office is so bright and airy. This is a brilliant small office design and I think why I like it so much is that it is completely different and goes so against the grain in terms of a lawyer’s office, and you know how much I love projects that go against the grain.

Images Credited to Cualiti

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