A Life Size Office From LEGO!

October 25, 2012

It’s that time of the week again when we kick back and start thinking about putting the feet up and relaxing over the weekend and as this is a holiday weekend in Dubai we will be feeling extra giddy going into the weekend. With that in mind today’s feature project is all about good natured, light hearted fun and super cool design with a touch of nostalgia thrown in.

I am yet to meet an Architect or Interior Designer who hasn’t counted LEGO as one of their all time favorite toys growing up. LEGO is all about being creative, innovative, designing awesome spaces / buildings / ships / absolutely anything and about being fun and easy to use. It comes with no surprise that LEGO’s new office in Denmark personifies all of these attributes. Designed by Rosan Bosch this office is a LEGO fans heaven. Obviously the LEGO staff are a social, creative and interactive bunch, this is so apparent from the office design and the images below, the breakout areas, meeting desks, open environment and hot spots all allow for plenty of interaction and brainstorming. Of course it would be remiss to not mention the cool slide; every office needs a slide, just for light relief. I love the openness of the office and the freedom this gives its freedom to be creative to express yourself and freedom to just enjoy your work. The LEGO Office is a super cool office design for a super awesome brand that has never let me down.

Enjoy the images below and have a wonderful weekend folks!