A Little Bit Of Mexico In London’s Southbank!

August 7, 2012

Colorful containers, sustainable and recycled design, pop up awesomeness and Mexican food, what is not to love about today’s feature project.  The Wahaca Experiment based on the Southbank in London is a temporary restaurant that was designed by UK based architectural firm Softroom. Comprised of 8 recycled shipping containers this restaurant boasts two levels as well as outdoor alfresco eating areas, all in all the restaurant caters to 130 covers.  The pop up is an extension of the Wahaca chain and will be used as a testing kitchen where new and innovative dishes will be served to the customers and dishes that are well received over the 18 month pop up period will be added to the menus of all of the Wahaca restaurants.

The design is simply too cool for school, I absolutely adore it and for many reasons, the first being the striking colors of the containers, it really shout out summer and good times to me especially when you add the fresh and vibrant yet still quite eclectic furniture and the funky street art graphics into the mix. The containers have been cleverly designed, by adding paneled doors the space can go from being wide, open, free and easy to being closed and intimate. I like how these options can transform the space and really look at joining the outside with the inside. The “romantic lighting” and the lighting features in general are brilliant, I know to the normal eye that it just looks like a bit of lighting but I see the cleverness in it as it plays down the harshness of the industrial metal containers and adds an extra dimension to the containers especially when coupled with the Bamboo shoots.  This project is an absolute whopper and one that I can’t wait to check out when I am next in London, check out the wicked images below and see why we rave so highly about the Wahaca Experiment.

Images Credited to Joseph Burns