A Little Cup Of Design!

October 20, 2011

Many of our friends and clients constantly hear us harp on about great design can be simple design; the introduction of a few simple features can transform any white room or monotonous space into a palace of design. I suppose one of the misconceptions that people have about interior designers is that we over complicate things or tend to be guilty of over indulgent design, which can be the case at times.

Nevertheless we thought that as it is Thursday and as the weekend is vastly approaching us we should share a quirky and fun project that personifies the messages that we have been telling our clients and friends. The Gourmet Tea project is a tea room / shop designed by Alan Chu. The project used to be a small dwelling but now has been transformed into this colourful and blooming tea store.

The design and the fittings really are very simple, from the plywood tables to the colourful visual merchandising display reflective of the brand to the complimentary colourful lighting fixtures. This is a project that is a great advert for the mantra that sometimes simple creative design is the best form of design.

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments section below.