A Little Piece Of Affordable Luxury!

January 10, 2013

Those who follow us on Twitter and on Instagram will know that I love meetings over a good cup of coffee or tea, I do like my hot drinks quite a bit hence why I gave into temptation finally and recently purchased a new Nespresso Machine and can honestly say that apart from the yummy coffee the best bit about buying the machine (apart from the lack of cleaning involved) is that I get to visit the Nespresso Stores whenever I am out and about, which as an Interior Architect and Designer is a real treat as some of the store are just fabulous.

The Nespresso brand and concept is so awesome that it is only fitting that the store designs follow the same suit.  The notions of choice, luxury, sophistication, leisure and alluring aroma with vibrant flavors is captured by the stores, for instance if we look at the two stores below in Berlin and Munich that were designed by Favero & Milan you can see that the design is akin to what you would expect in a jewelry store or luxury boutique and not a retail store that simply sells coffee and coffee machines. The stores are stunning and really make you feel special which is rare when you think about what is being sold, this mixed with the concept of Club Nespresso really make the whole customer experience feel like one of life’s more affordable little luxuries and for someone like me who classes luxury as having five minutes to myself to read a magazine this is an experience I look forward to every time I need to stock up on my Nespresso refills.   An awesome brand with gorgeous stores and great coffee, what’s not to love?

Nespresso Store Interior Design11

Nespresso Store Interior Design

Nespresso Store Interior Design4Nespresso Store Interior Design2Nespresso Store Interior Design3

Nespresso Store Interior Design6

Nespresso Store Interior Design5

Nespresso Store Interior Design7

Nespresso Store Interior Design8

Nespresso Store Interior Design12

Nespresso Store Interior Design13

Nespresso Store Interior Design14