A Lot More Than Just Bricks And Mortar!

May 20, 2013

This week seems to be the week of office designs at Studio EM as we have been fortunate enough to have been awarded two office projects, which is quite cool considering this week is the week of the Office Design Expo in Dubai. When flicking through our blog we realized that it has been a while since we featured an awesome office design project, so without further ado and in celebration of our office projects today we are going to feature one such awesome design.

Today’s feature project comes all the way from Seattle, Washington and is another super cool industrial warehouse project (we so need more of these industrial warehouses in Dubai) Designed by Graham Baba Architects the space belongs to branding and graphic design firm, Turnstyle. 

So what do I love about this project? Well apart from the obvious industrial look and feel that I rave so much about on here, I have to say that for this project I am loving the awesome integration of the graphics on the chipped red brick walls, the funky use of the Seattle Subway on the exposed beams and the all round general train station feel of the project. I also enjoy the flood of natural light that comes through the large window’s it’s refreshing to see that this has not been obstructed and has been allowed to flush through the space. Check out the images below to see what floats your design boat.

Branding Company Office Interior Design

Branding Company Office Interior Design2

Branding Company Office Interior Design3

Turnstyle office interior by Graham Baba Architects

Turnstyle office interior by Graham Baba Architects2

Turnstyle office interior by Graham Baba Architects3

Turnstyle office interior by Graham Baba Architects4

Turnstyle office interior by Graham Baba Architects5