A Meat Lovers Delight!

July 2, 2012

There is little more I love in interior design than a space with a strong identity, be it a colorful, rustic, chic, industrial or contemporary identity, if it is strong and constant the design will always be one that heads in the right direction. This is where strong branding and design come together to the forefront of any project.

As seen in today’s feature project, Fabrica Creaton in Komotini, Greece, designers Minas Kosmidis and Yianis Tokalatsidis have collaborated on both the interior design and the graphic design with stunning, if a little macabre results. This butcher shop / restaurant is all about meat, meat in its purist form as can be seen by the hanging and slightly disturbing carcasses, the butchers chopping board, the images of cows that adorn the walls and the clever menus.

That being said the interior design is also very attractive as a standalone space, the most attractive element about the interior design is the lighting design, this has been very smartly done, this space has a dark, moody but warm feel to it, almost slightly daunting, which is very clever given the overall theme, this has been achieved in a positive and comforting way through the use of indirect light, I think it is awesome as you wouldn’t usually catch me saying that lighting designed as dark, moody and slightly daunting is a positive thing, but in this case because of the theme, it works wonderfully well.

The more obvious light fittings are gorgeous and they set off the beautifully simple backdrop of the restaurant to a tee. The furniture design and the restaurant layout is very simple, but it is so effective because of the inspiring brand and design identity, because of the meat concept, the restaurant does not have to force itself to come to the fore and this for me is the real genius in the project.

Although not to everyone’s taste, most likely vegetarians, I have to say that I am a huge fan of this design and love every element about it, the clever addition of the branding and graphic design is an important element that takes this design beyond just being a cool piece of interior design.

Images Credited to Studio VG / K.Vandinoudis, N.Dimitriou