A Napoletana Never Looked So Good!

September 5, 2012

In the course of the past year or so I have written quite a few articles on Pizzeria Interior Design and each project I have featured has the same reoccurring theme, that being that they are pizzeria projects that totally blow the normal, flat, boring, insipid and clichéd designs that we are used to seeing out of the water. Today’s feature project is one such project and due to its rustic almost down and dirty approach I dare say that it could be one of my favorites.

Shanghai isn’t exactly the first place that springs to mind when you think about an awesome pizzeria but after seeing today’s feature that might all change, thanks to the designers at Pure Creative International in Hong Kong. MATTO Bar & Pizzeria is a stylish, rustic and some might even say a sexy pizzeria that retains a charm akin to a good old fashioned vintage pub I have seen in Ireland or in Italy.  As explained by MATTO below:

The stylish interiors, created by Darryl Goveas of Hong Kong-based Pure Creative International, represent an artful blend of industrial materials, tailor-made fixtures as well as geometric and organic shapes. Throughout the 253m² space and the 120m² outdoor terrace the designers have incorporated rustic, raw materials with a sense of play –such as natural wood, special pattern concrete wall, travertine from Italy and raw iron –while the ceiling, covered with European-style metal tin, makes a compelling contrast. The hand-sketched graphics and MATTO characters on the black walls add a subtle sense of fun and personality, bringing an element of warmth to the overall design. “The design includes a number of natural elements to reflect MATTO’s unique personality,” explains Darryl Goveas, founder and director of Pure Creative International. “But there are also plenty of understated aspects and for guests to discover.”

The use of these raw materials and the paired back finishes with the rough natural wood coupled with the soft bohemian style leather banquettes and the simplistic yet sophisticated light fixtures all come together in a marriage that says, this is a wicked pizzeria unlike anything else you have seen. The main centerpiece of the pizza oven is stunning and building a design around this centerpiece is a real triumph, lest I forget the playful, fun yet uber cool wall art of the pizza, a Napoletana never looked so good. I have a lot of love for this design, I don’t have a lot of love for the ceiling feature but this is down to personal preference as I have seen this done a few times in Dubai and it just never sits quite right with me, alas though this is why design is so wonderful, it creates talking points and divides us all. Check out the wicked images below and see what your favorite elements are.