A New Lease Of Life!

As interior designers we don’t always have the pleasure to work on new builds fresh out of the ground, large proportions of our work is refurbishment or re-launch work, where we take a brand and inject it with new life and a new image from the branding to the interiors.

Coincidentally we are currently working on a new pharmacy concept that is to be a refurbishment and a modernisation project; it was whilst doing our research for this projects mood board that we came across todays feature project.

The Arenal2 Pharmacy is an interesting project as the brief behind it is incredibly similar to our project, Arenal2 was designed by Spanish design studio Marketing Jazz, the project was also a refurbishment.

This refurbishment was carried out in phases so as the pharmacy would not be closed, there were no structural changes, the lighting, ceilings and flooring were not touched but with clever visual merchandising design such as the medical cross on the shelving units and new neutral colour tones and design features such as the abstract asklepian on the counter tops, this archaic pharmacy has been transformed into a new modern and fresh store.

Although critics will point out that the ceiling and the lighting are incredibly aged and somewhat ineffective compared to the rest of the design elements, we say that you are right, but the beauty of a refurbishment is that it can constantly be updated as you go along in accordance with budget, time and planning permission constraints. With this design, should they wish to add a new ceiling or include a ceiling feature or a new lighting or flooring design this will breath even more life into the store thus enabling it to be an ever evolving store concept.

Apart from the new design the real winner in this project is the clever visual merchandising.