A Perfect Sample Of Cool Exhibition Stand Design!

April 9, 2013

This week at Studio EM is all about samples and our sample library. We have finally moved into our new office and as such we see it as the perfect time to update our materials library, I must admit that gathering, looking at and organising samples is one of my favourite things to do as a designer away from the drawing table. However as our library is “out in the open” within our office and the design flows around it, I have come to realise how important a tidy and aesthetically pleasing library is.

Which brings me to today’s feature which is a bit of a bonus feature as it is an exhibition stand design as well as a brilliant example of how samples can be laid out to look awesome.  Kvadrat is one of our favourite brands when it comes to fabrics, in Dubai we are constantly using Maharam and their Kvadrat fabrics for our projects. The booth is from an exhibition in Stockholm and was designed by Raw Edges Design Studio, what I like about this stand is how the design and layout uses a mixture of the fabrics against the solid and beautifully detailed wood structures in such a way that it encourages passers by to interact with the product, this is the key to any design, engaging potential customers. What I like most though, is very simple, and that is, how awesome it looks, just check out the images below to see what I mean, happy sampling folks, now I need to get back to material coding my library.

Exhibition Stand Design Fabrics

Exhibition Stand Design Fabrics2

Exhibition Stand Design Fabrics3

Exhibition Stand Design Fabrics4

Exhibition Stand Design Fabrics5