A Piece Of Cake With A Filling Of Design!

May 31, 2012

Earlier this week we celebrated our first year anniversary and we celebrated the best way to celebrate anything, with friends and cake. The cake was yummy, I mean, really yummy and it made me think of yummy cake shops that are out there in the design world. When I think of bakeries, patisseries or cake shops my first port of call is always a quick Google search on Australian superstar chef Adriano Zumbo, it was while doing this that I came across today’s feature project.

The Adriano Zumbo Patisserie based in Sydney combines a few of the sweeter more delicious things in life, namely pastries, cakes and awesomely inspiring interior design. Designer Luchetti Krelle has created a cool, playful and delicious interior for the amazing creative and sometimes outrageous chef (you just have to see some of his creations for yourself). I love the fun aesthetic that the space conveys; after all sweet things are treats and treats are always fun if a little naughty.

What this design has in abundance is quirkiness, just check out the “fire safety” buttons or the cool sharing table or the Alice in Wonderland esq grass lawn that is perfect for a sweet and sticky picnic. This project is all about indulgence, fun, creativity and a slight hint of weird science as can be seen by the window features. Check out some of the images below and see why Adriano Zumbo is this week’s Thursday fresh funky fun design project.

Images Credited To Murray Fredericks