A Pizzeria That Delivers All Of Our Favorite Design Toppings!

April 10, 2012

A project that captures our love for industrially rustic interiors, sustainable materials, container architecture, awesome graphic design, exposed brick and best of all Pizza simply has to make it on to our blog and that is exactly what today’s feature project delivers. Not happy with just providing us with all of our interior design loves this project is an all round tour de force when it comes to providing an inspiring and amazingly cool interior design.

Los Sopranos in Barcelona is a pizzeria that delivers all of the above and in abundance, Architect Pedro Scattarella is the talented designer behind the project who brings all of these element together in perfect harmony. From the images below our favorite elements are the industrially rustic environment that is created by the exposed brick wall, the polished concrete floor, the steel steps on the stairs and the rugged doors, partnered perfectly by the colorful backdrop of the containers and wall graphics. I could really go on and on but with this project all I can say is enjoy the images below and find your own favorite elements as the list for us is close to endless.  As you can guess I have a lot of love for this one.