A Place To Kith Back And Relax!

October 22, 2013

It’s nearly my favorite time of the day, time for my afternoon coffee break and a catch up on all of the latest goings on in the interior design world through my iPad. In the spirit of awesome coffee breaks I thought today I should feature a funky little café project on this blog.  Today’s feature project takes us all the way to Singapore and to a project that is as adorable as it is striking.

Kith designed by HJGHER is a café that is all about subtle pops of color and texture that is built around a stunning central barista island. The island is the central or focal point of the project and deservedly so but it’s the supporting cast in this project that really gets our design buds tickling.

If you look at the rather artistic images below you can see lovely pops of color, warmth and comfort through the furniture used in this project. The chairs used are very delicate looking but they do command a strong presence that I can’t help but love, a large blackboard feature wall is always a winner for me as is the use of eclectic pendulum lighting fixtures when a ceiling is as high as this, the wood floors and panels are a further element that brings warmth to this space, but it’s a cool, light and easy warmth rather than a super hot, toasty kind of warmth which is important.

Kith is a seriously awesome little café and one where I could most likely spend hours in trawling through the worlds design websites, it wouldn’t be so much a coffee break as much as it would be a full on coffee sabbatical if I found myself here at 2:30 in the afternoon 🙂

Kith interior design by HJGHER5

Kith interior design by HJGHER

Kith interior design by HJGHER2

Kith interior design by HJGHER3

Kith interior design by HJGHER4