A Prescription Of Quirkiness!

I don’t think I would ever say that today’s feature project is one of the most functionally designed pharmacies I have ever seen but it definitely is one of the coolest. The Farmacia de los Austrias is based in Madrid (what is it about the Spanish and awesome pharmacies?) and was designed by Stone Design. The project itself needs little description as the photos really do my job for me in this case, but for those looking a snapshot my attraction to this project comes from its relaxed aura or nature, the colorful metallic structures, the wonderful retro flooring and the suspended lights mixed with an array of warm, welcoming and soft colors give this dainty little pharmacy an air of ease.

The most important thing with this type of design is to get the color palette right, imagine if this project was altogether more monotone or grayscale, it would have been a tragedy and it certainly wouldn’t have featured on this blog. However Stone Designs have got it right and have created a wonderful feast for the eyes and it really does deserve its place on the top design blogs in the industry.  After seeing all of our pharmacy features try not to resent your local pharmacy too much or if it is as equally awesome then please let us know.

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