A Real Design Hub In Madrid!

October 18, 2011

One of our favourite office projects in Dubai has to be the Mojo HQ in Al Quoz, we covered the Mojo Gallery in a previous post and have yet to come across anything in Dubai that tickles our fancy quite as much. The whole concept of basing ourselves in an industrial warehouse as a head office appeals greatly to us at Studio EM, indeed, it is our hope that within a few years we may even have our own industrially rustic office space not too far from Tara, Payal, Louise and the rest of our friends at Mojo PR.

Until such a time we can still plan our dream space in our heads and research other glorious examples of Warehouse Office’s that get our design buds tingling. One such project that sent our pulses racing is based in Madrid, were along with Barcelona, Amsterdam, Prague and Japan is becoming a real design hub and a leader in innovative interior design.

The project in question is a former abandoned warehouse that has now been transformed into the “Madrid Hub Offices”. Much like our own and loved Shelter in Dubai this is a time share office or a gathering place for social entrepreneurs. Whilst the space may look unfinished and slightly unkempt it is intended to do so by the designers Churtichaga + Quadra + Salcedo Arquitectos. They simply glossed over the unfinished walls with a treatment that is used to preserve the integrity of the building rather than gave it a new facelift.

If anything this decision is more reflective of the intended occupants than a shiny new and glossy décor, entrepreneurs start with an idea and build it from the ground up gradually, this project has a similar synergy with it be added to little by little day by day. Aside from the rustic design we adore so much this is a project that ticks our love for sustainability box. Underground heating has been installed to cut down on fuel waste, the walls are lined with a wool insulation and the woods for the flooring and furniture are all reclaimed or recycled. This is further enhanced by the use of other recycled materials such as the recycled wood crates.

This is a design and a project that like the Mojo Gallery reminds us why we have a dream to have our own warehouse office; it is simply stunning as well as being an inspirational example of how a once “ugly” or derelict space can be something truly beautiful and creative.

All photography for this project is credited to Daniel Torrelló