A Real Feature Of Wood!

May 22, 2013

Well this week is really turning out to be something else, We have had our 3rd separate office project come in, last month it was all about retail and this month offices, I’m not complaining, especially as I get to see awesome projects for this blog during my research, projects such as this wicked office from Comodo in Hong Kong.

The main design feature for this office is the use of the unfinished raw wood board to create the platforms and funky partitions, what I like is how this is totally unconventional and has allowed Comodo to make the most of their 1,400 square footage whilst also appearing to promote a large amount of open space, this is where the divisions and platforms have been excellently utilized. Fixtures and fitting wise the office is very standard and nothing major to go on about but it doesn’t need to be, not when such a dominant design feature steals the show.

Enjoy 🙂

Comodo office Interior Design, Hong Kong

Comodo office Interior Design, Hong Kong2

Comodo office Interior Design, Hong Kong3

Comodo office Interior Design, Hong Kong4