A Restaurant Design With Plenty Of Pukka!

April 4, 2012

Young, fresh, vibrant, funky and a bit retro, well you could be excused if you thought we are talking about Studio EM but alas we are describing the latest offering from celebrity chef and all round good guy,the awesome Jamie Oliver. When he is not globetrotting and trying to prevent obesity and unhealthy diets in children or promoting family eating he is usually opening up another one of his cool restaurant concepts.

The latest offering in London is the aptly named Union Jacks which serves great authentic British food, but as usual there is a twist, the Great British delights are served on flatbreads (essentially creating a British Pizza) The Italians may scoff and be horrified by the idea but the one thing they can’t complain about or mock is the cool interior design of the space which was created by Blacksheep.

The design elements that really make this project are plentiful, the eclectic mix of furniture and fittings is the first thing that strikes us, the bar stools and the bar table in front of the kitchen has the rustic and stripped back look that we adore, the banquette seats have a more retro American diner fell to them that works well with the surrounding loose fittings. The main focal point that draws our attention, apart from the rather large and colorful Union Jacks light feature is the menu board. The cinema board and the typography is brilliant, it reminds us very much of the Bio Rio Cinema in Stockholm which is awesome. This creates a really playful and relaxed aura, I think that is why we like this space and Jamie Oliver so much, the brand and the concepts never take themselves too seriously, there is always a fun and playful overtone to the projects, but a serious and functional project is always delivered (a bit like us too) This is a really cool project,  Blacksheep and Jamie Oliver have done an awesome job and remind us once more what a great partnership can deliver.

Images Credited to Blacksheep