A Rustic Old Stork!

June 12, 2012

Most of our clients and our regular readers know all too well how much we swoon over industrially rustic interiors, mostly because it reflects one of our styles, if we aren’t thinking stripped and paired back rustic design we are usually thinking about the bold and vibrant, that’s probably why our blog is filled with examples of both of these principals.

Today I am swooning and swooning severely over an  awesome and I mean absolutely awesome feature project, what makes it so swoon worthy? Well it has to be that it one of the most industrially rustic projects we have covered yet. Stork Restaurant is the latest offering of interior design awesomeness to come out of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, I don’t know what it is but interior design in the Netherlands is on fire at the moment, it’s one of the few countries that compete with Japan (in our opinion) for innovative and inspirational interior design.

The interiors of Stork Restaurant have been designed by Erik Dijkstra of Interior Shock but the project as a whole is a collaborative effort between Interior Shock, CUBE Architecten and SOLUZ Architecten. What I love most about this project is the rebelliousness of it, the paired back look is done with maximum effect, the designers haven’t worried about going too far and have avoided creating a clichéd space which could easily have been done, what has been created is instead an incredibly authentic and inspiring concept that showcases the old warehouse with maximum impact. The choice of the reclaimed and recycled furniture pieces, the slightly decayed looking wall and the use of the old cable spools all add to the character of this space. Everything blends and suits effortlessly and this is the beauty of this project, it looks effortless, as if it is 60 years old, as if it should be there and not that it has been created in 2011. An absolute cracker that reminds me why I love this genre of design so much.

Images Credited to CUBE Architecten

We first came across this project on Yatzer