A Small Cafe With Huge Charm!

January 5, 2012

We say it over and over again but great design does not have to be flash, arrogant or flamboyant design, of course great design can be flash, arrogant and flamboyant but the point we are making is that you don’t need to have a colossal budget to create a great space. We are currently working on a new café design for a site in Business Bay and it was while researching an idea to use recycled materials that we came across today’s feature project and as a bonus this is a project that really reflects the opening statement of this post.

The Little Building Café in Mississippi is one of the most charming and quaint projects we have seen in recent times, Annie Coggan has created a beautiful restaurant concept that would fit perfectly anywhere in the world, the gorgeous Little Building Café just makes us smile as designers when we look at it, probably because of its stunning simplicity. Not only satisfying our love for great simple design this project also uses a vast amount of recycled materials and serves sustainable foods too.

As the weekend is vast approaching in Dubai we felt it was only right we shared a light and picturesque project that should make you smile, we hope you like the images below and they give you as much enjoyment as they did us.

Photography Credited to Rinnie Allen.