A Sneaker Peep At The New Converse Store!

July 2, 2013

Maybe it’s because I am on site most of the time or maybe just because I am pretty naff at walking in heels, but I do love my pumps and my sneakers these days, none more so than my Converse sneakers. They just sort of “go” with everything, except for my super work dress up stuff, this is where the pumps come in. So when I got wind of Converse’s latest concept store I was seriously hoping for something awesome that would do the sneakers justice, thankfully I wasn’t let down.

The new Converse concept store is based in San Francisco and measures around 8,200 square feet, which is massive, being based in San Francisco you would expect the design to have an artistic and slightly edgy feel to it, once more you won’t be disappointed.  The raw industrial store has a real warehouse feel about it or an underground feel to it, which gives it plenty of attitude but for me my favorite element has got to be the sneaker wall and the old school hanging shoe feature. All in all it’s a pretty cool store, check out the images below and see if this ticks your sneaker loving boxes!

Converse Store Interior Design

Converse Store Interior Design 2

Converse Store Interior Design 3

Converse Store Interior Design 4

Converse Store Interior Design 5