A Snippet Of What Athens Has To Offer!

The Greek economy may be going through a hard time but one area of the Greek industry that is really taking off and inspiring us is the interior design industry. Today’s feature project is another shining example of what the Interior Design Industry in Greece has to offer. Not only is it another brilliant project from Greece it is also another intriguing and much talked about salon design.

We have seen a huge move forward in recent years in salon design and todays project, Georgios Doudessis Hair Salon in Athens designed by Xylo & Design is a perfect example of this new generation of hair salon design. Designed with a definite industrial chic look in mind this is a salon that I enjoy form many reasons. Firstly the industrial chic balance is well achieved. The exposed concrete on the walls, ceiling and floor is very industrial but the polished finishes lift this space up into a more higher end bracket, similarly achieved through some of the more polished finishes such as the counter tops. I adore the staircase; this is a prime example of some serious stair porn.

The contemporary furniture is a hit for me, the form and quality of this furniture is not something you see regularly in salon designs, unless you are frequenting the more high end salons in the region. I am a really big fan of this project, which might surprise some of our more regular readers as it is a lot more monotone that than many of my favorite store designs. But hey, we love to mix it up a bit at Studio EM.