A Special Deliver Of Cardboard Awesomeness!

July 8, 2012

Early this year we commented on the use of cardboard in interior design, we mentioned how it was a welcome trend for the design world, both for its sustainable factor and its versatility. A project that was an awesome showcase of Cardboard structures was the Naver App Square Pop up from the talented guys at Urbantainer. We are pleased to say that the Naver App Square was not a one off with the new Naver Line Square that has just been released by the same talented team at Urbantainer.

Based in Yoesu, South Korea, The Naver Line Square is designed to showcase the latest App from the Naver App Store, an interactive global messaging app called Line. What better way to showcase a global messaging service than to create a structure and space that represents an international post box, or a package. Once again the interior is made from strong compressed cardboard and is filled with inspiring and quirky cutouts and graphics. I just love this new creation from Naver and Urbantainer as it is a really awesome continuation of what they started with the Naver App Square and like it, this space is fun, innovative and incredibly creative, something that really gets all of our design juices going, a wicked project.

Images Credited To Urbantainer