A Status Update We “Like”!

December 7, 2011

We love great office design and could never assume to comment on where in the world the best office designs are, but an area in America is really starting to put their hand up, jump out of their seat and draw our attention, that area is the Californian suburb of Palo Alto. We are no strangers to great office design coming from Palo Alto as we have previously featured the AOL office and the Skype offices that have heralded from the region in our blog.

The dynamic and awesome design firm Studio O+A who were responsible for delivering the cool AOL offices have tickled our design buds once more with their latest office project, for social media and social networking superstars Facebook. Palo Alto is the location of their latest HQ and from the images below you can’t help but feel wowed and slightly envious of the space they have had designed for them by Studio O+A. We are rather jealous ourselves of the office space as it looks like such a cool and funky space that would inspire a mass of creativity from anyone who works there.

Originally a lab facility for an industrial company the space has now been transformed into a hive of social networking activity, there are many elements we love about this design, none more so than the subtlety of the branding, unlike a few of the offices we have featured, such as Google’s funky office in London, this is a design that retains an air of unassuming subtleness. The space is not caked in Facebook logo’s or like buttons or any of the nods to the popular website that we would expect, this is something that really sits well with us and we applaud, it gives the office an altogether more professional look and feel, even though it is a young, dynamic and hip company. The design also pleases our design eyes as it can firmly sit within our favourite category of being an industrially rustic space, check out the photos below and see how the designers have put a great deal of time and thought into creating a different look and feel with each of the separate areas, specifically some of the cool lighting features and those wicked DJ decks which we totally want in our office now.

For a greater insight into the project check out the project description direct from the designers Studio O+A on the brilliant Architizer website, and from there you should definitely take a look at some of Studio O+A ‘s other awesome projects on their website, you won’t be disappointed. Now I am just left to ponder how I can arrange a trip to Palo Alto in person to meet all of these amazing designers and look first hand at their creations.