A Stylish Store For A Stylish Man!

November 29, 2012

Men really are becoming more and more fashion conscience these days, everywhere you look it seems that men’s fashion brands are advertising, be it in the magazines, on Shiekh Zayed Road billboards or on the tele, as a result of this menswear stores are becoming just as stylish and fashionable, leading to some wicked examples of awesome retail interior design. Take today’s project as an example, Takeo Kikuchi in Tokyo, Japan is not only a sexy piece of Japanese interior design it is also one seriously cool and dapper store for the modern man.

As described by the designers Schemata Architects:

Takeo Kikuchi is one of the most distinguished and long-time popular menswear brand in Japan established in 1984. The brand is opening the long-awaited Global Flagship Store in Shibuya. The site is a very wide and flat site located along Meiji Douri Avenue. Four entrances are located along the street, so customers can enter from various points and freely stroll around the space, while looking at display furniture that is randomly located across the space like a forest. We didn’t want to set a singular circulation route, and we prepared multiple circulation routes as if the streets are extending into the store. Customers can freely move around and enjoy unique shopping experience according to his/her taste and mood. We did not provide any cash register counter, as the key to this new Takeo Kikuchi store is intimate person-to-person communication between shop staff and customers. So we eliminated cash register counters, which would normally strongly dominate space in typical stores, and encourage direct communication for more joyful shopping experiences.

I love this store and the concept behind it, of creating intimacy and encouraging communication as well as taking the best of the outside and bringing it in, this is done brilliantly by the architectural design and detailing of the facades. From an interior perspective I am all over the Visual Merchandising displays and the quirky design features of this store. It is so clean, sophisticated and sharp yet still comforting and warm, the designers have created a store that could easily be described as minimalist, yet it is done so darn well that it doesn’t carry any of the soulless offsets that usually put me off minimal retail designs which is a wonderful piece of clever designing from the designers. I could talk in depth about the quirky features I like about this project but in this case the stunning images below from Nacása&Partners Inc do all the talking for me, enjoy!