A Throwback To The 80’s!

Today’s feature post covers the emergence of two new trends in the design world, the first being the emergence of the designer hair salon, gone are the days of boring old salon design, thankfully salon owners are now realizing that they need to step up their game to differ themselves from their competitors, which is great news for us both as designers and customers. The second trend in design is the resurgence of the 80’s, be it in fashion, music, hair styles or even interior design.

The YMS salon is a wicked new project based in Slovenia and when you see the images below you can’t help be transported back into the eighties. Designed by Kitsch – Nitsch the space is akin to something you would see in a Dire Straits or Kylie Minogue video, the colorful graphics, the odd shaped mirrors and the funktastic furniture mixed with some of the quirky wall features are all elements that I love about this project, although guaranteed to divide opinion I am in the love camp, after all I am a child of the eighties.

Images Credited to Kitsch – Nitsch