A Twist Of Great?

August 16, 2011

A design based on the elements, something which is very clever but has been overdone in the past when designers have focused on wind, fire, earth and water. But a design based on elements within those elements opens up doors to even greater possibilities of design interpretation and creativity.

This is something that Serghii Makhno and Vasiliy Butenko have shown with their design work on the Twister Restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine. The inspiration from the design came from the Wind and Water elements by using a Tornado and Rain as the inspiration behind the concept. The lighting fixtures are representative of the rain droplets, not only does the lighting represent this well but it also acts a genuine design feature, this corresponds to something that we continuously tell our client, “Bad lighting can ruin the greatest of designs”, in this case the lighting is a tremendous feature that adds greater depth to the design and enhances the project greatly.

The tornado is represented by the hovering effect given to the furniture, look carefully at the photos below and you can see how the tables almost look suspended in mid-air (due to the slim line supports) We see how the wavy effect of the seating booths are representative of how water reacts to a tornado, the large brown sculptures above the dining tables resemble trees or other materials that have been uprooted from the ground.

The bar area represents a birds nest, cleverly portrayed with the use of thatched sticks and pompous seating that resembles seeds or pod cones, when I look at this design carefully and interpret it as it is mean (I hope) the clear intention of the designer’s to represent a Tornado (or a twister) is something that they have accomplished with aplomb.

When I look at this design as a consumer, stepping away from my designers chair I see a chic, elegant, warm and inviting interior design that plants me firmly on my feet with my mouth agape in awe!

We first came across this project on the Coolhunter check out the Azure office project by the same designers on the Coolhunter website to see how elements of this design have been recreated from it.