A Very Azured Office Design!

November 10, 2011

We often preach that a design has to reflect you or your personality or in the commercial world it has to reflect the company’s ethos, aspirations and identity. Could you imagine meeting a with a top interior design agency in New York that has been around for 10+ years and you are greeted by coffee stained charcoal carpet, MDF furniture and a rigid office structure that is no better than the tax return office further down the street? You would start to ask questions about the drive of this company or their creativity.

When we came across today’s project we could instantly tell that the office design was that of a company related to the design industry. The Azure office in Kiev, is a sparkling example of office design that instantly captures your attention through its clever mix of abstract and colourful furniture design as well as something that the designer is starting to really make a name for himself with, amazing architectural form and flow. The designer of this project is none other than Sergey Makhno, the same designer we covered in a previous post on the Twister restaurant in Kiev. In that project as well as this one Sergey has created an inspiring space by creating great depth and texture with his design.

The Corian and wood covered walls create the curved and abstract effect in the images below, an effect that transcends this project beyond the regular 4 x 8 rectangular and rigid feel that could have remained had he not chosen this route. The curved and shaped furniture coupled with the bold colour tones create relaxed and inviting breakout spaces for meetings and discussions, like Twister the lighting here is a design feature that adds to the depth and texture of the space enhancing it with its creative flair, lighting not only serves a functional purpose in this design it also amplifies the inspiring creativity of the space through its playful appearance.  For us the real winner with this design has to be the furniture design,  playful yet functional and it appears rather comfortable too, lest we forget that this is a workspace and the functionality of the space must induce creativity as well provide a relaxing and comfortable professional atmosphere for the employees, the floating table effects, the curvaceous seats and stools coupled with the soft woods and ambient lighting over the work spaces all mesh together wonderfully to create a fantastically inspiring work space.

Have a look at the photos below and let us know what you think in the comments section