A Wash, Cut And Blowdry!

March 27, 2012

Last week we featured an awesome project from South Korea based design firm m4 in our Thursday funky fun fresh project feature; it was a retail outlet that they had recently completed in Seoul. When researching the project for the blog we came across another cool project from the guys at m4, as it is not a retail project this time we thought, to heck with our rules, let’s feature m4 again.

The latest project that seems to be sweeping the design blogs of the world is not your conventional type of interior design project, it is not a retail outlet, an office or even a restaurant project, this project is a salon and for us this is great because my oh my how boring has salon design become over the years? Adding a fresh injection into salon design is m4’s project Permy Mi Jang Won in South Korea,  the 34 square meter space is a cheerful little project that can’t help but remind us of cartoon characters and that animated world.

I tried incredibly hard to write this piece without using the word cute, but as much as I lament that word it does suit this project perfectly. I love the simplicity of this concept, there is a sense of brave restraint and control about it, it could have been easy to overdo this concept and fall into the realm of tacky design, thankfully this was avoided. The simple color palette of the white and baby blue create an relaxed, friendly environment as does the playful images that adorn the walls. I enjoy the lighting feature, these fixtures add great depth and texture to the interior, Something that is really needed when a simple white flooring and wall finishing is used in a project, a plain white ceiling with just spots would have hollowed out this space.  The shape of the building also has a great deal to do with me liking this project, I dare say that if it was just a box shape then I wouldn’t find it so appealing, but I do and I think you will to, just check out some of these images below.

Photos Credited to Lee Pyo-joon