A World Of Art For Art?

As part of our continued effort to help enhance the design industry and to promote suppliers and materials that we use as Interior Architects and Designers we have dedicated todays blog post to a press release from HI-MACS® LG Hausys Europe. We were recently sent this release from their press team in Switzerland. The release cleverly highlights the key benefits of using  HI-MACS® and uses some brilliant examples of it in use in recent projects. This is a snippet from the release, the full release can be downloaded here.

All images and copy below were supplied by HI-MACS® LG Hausys Europe

A World Of Art For Art? 

Glossy surfaces which highlight the value of ancient art: Back-lit displays which create interesting light effects: Extraordinary structures which become a show within a show: Sinuous-shaped furniture with a theatrical twist: Moving eyelashes of a robot which can read facial expressions.
This is not the future, but HI-MACS®, the acrylic stone of LG Hausys which gives everything under the sun a tangible form thanks to its properties. HI-MACS® is worked like wood and as such, can be thermoformed, milled and engraved. It is possible to create pieces of all sizes, from counters and shelves to signs and miniature pieces.
Its broad colour palette is suited to any decorative style and requirement with perfect results.

Appearance Isn’t Everything…

That’s why HI-MACS®, besides enabling the possibility of making beautiful creations, is practical and safe for use in places which, owing to their characteristics, are frequented by the general public and are exacting in terms of hygiene, safety and durability.

The seamless qualities provided by HI-MACS®, plus the fact that it is a non-porous material, make it easy to clean and ensures optimum conditions of hygiene. What is more, HI-MACS® provides an antigraffiti surface, so that maintenance due to wear and tear, and the misuse of the installations is greatly simplified.

HI-MACS® has B1 and M1 fire resistance certification, whilst its FR version conforms to the IMO standard (modules B and D), so that it is perfectly suited to this kind of space, even as part of the structural elements. In fact, the 3 mm version, suitable for covering walls, provides significant cost savings compared to the 6 mm version but achieves the same results to suit the tightest budget.

It also has environmental certification such as Greenguard and NSF. HI-MACS® also offers theecological collection Eden, which is made up of between 12% and 40% recycled material. This series, launched last September in a clear commitment to sustainable construction, is certified by the Scientific Certification System (SCS) and thus enables the buildings who use it to obtain LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) status.

There are many reasons to choose HI-MACS®, as demonstrated by the fact that it was the choice of Zaha Hadid and Rafael Moneo, who have included it in major projects. This is just a taste of the HI-MACS® possibilities in the cultural arena… Pure art!

This complex measures 70,000 m2 and is home to a spectacular building with a 1,800-seat concert hall. The incomparable Zaha Hadid plays with the spatial perception of visitors in a work which bears their hallmark: absence of right angles, sloping roofs and walls, passages which appear to flow together. A symbol of the status of China in this new millennium, where 5,000 m2 of HI-MACS® occupies a key place in the rehearsal rooms for concerts, ballet and opera, the VIP area and the restaurant.

HI-MACS®, with its seamless qualities, helps give expression to this architectural language, enabling the creation of walls and roofs which flow together, and grandiose sloping structures. The expressive dynamic of Hadid (architects) required customised solutions, so the acrylic stone of LG Hausys was the perfect companion for this spectacular journey through the architecture of the future, thanks to its thermoforming capacity, respect for the environment and tremendous stability.

China can boast this unique and symbolic work, which has already become a real reference point where architectural solutions, innovation and theatre technology are concerned.

Project: Guanzhou Opera House

Location: China

Design: Zaha Hadid Architects

Fabricator: Gooday International

Material: HI-MACS® Alpine White

Photo: LG Hausys

Functional and grandiose, the Great Hall of the Brooklyn Museum, with its temporary “reOrder” exhibition, delivers quite a promise for the 450,000 people who visit this New York museum each year. Designed as a common area, a transit zone and temporary exhibition platform, this impressive space is marked by 16 gigantic columns, the work of Situ Studio, which lends creative interpretation with a contemporary twist to the decorative columns of Doric architecture, using fabric and HI-MACS®.

LG Hausys donated its acrylic stone for this project: a special computer used precision cutting to produce the HI-MACS® sheets, which were then thermoformed and assembled to surround the base of the columns, by way of support tables and seats. Commenting on the successful collaboration between both parties, one of the founders of Situ Studio, Aleksey Lukanov-Cherny pointed to “the variety of materials from which we could choose, the general performance of the product“ and that “LG Hausys as a company was quite simply impressive”. The result, which we can enjoy until 15 January 2012, is there for all to see: a grandiose, unique and special ornamentation, which does not compromise on practicality.

Project: “reOrder”

Location: Brooklyn Museum, New York

Design:Situ Studio

Material: HI-MACS® White Quartz

Photo: Keith Sirchio

Symbolic, inspirational and, above all, worthy of the brand. It was on this basis that the Austrian architect Delugan Meissl created an authentic work of art measuring 5,600 m2. Owing to its seamless qualities which make it possible to create large surface areas with a refined image and smooth shapes, HI-MACS® was the material of first choice for the main displays and other items of furniture, such as display cases and counters.

The project, of generous proportions and high-specifications, required all the skills of the fabricator, Rosskopf and Partner AG. The interior cannot fail to impress visitors, who from the outset will be fascinated by the imposing building which houses the museum. And impressive it is indeed. The acrylic stone lends luxury and minimalism to this environment which showcases the real stars of the exhibition: Porsche models from 1948 to today.

Project: Porsche Museum

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Design: Delugan-Meissl ZT GmbH

Fabricator: GRAICHEN Bau – und Möbelwerkstätten GmbH – Klöpfer Surfaces, Germany – Rooskopf & Partner AG, Germany

Material: HI-MACS® Alpine White

Photo: Zooey Braun

The rest of the press release can be downloaded here.
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