An A Plus For Interactive And Inspiring Telecoms Design!

May 20, 2012

As we sat with one of our clients last week we were discussing the various industries in the retail sector that have decided to take a new refreshing approach to retail interior design, as our client is in the telecommunications sector we got on to talking about how the telecommunications industry is really starting to change its approach to retail interior design. Many of the old boring white box sales centres are disappearing and are being replaced with much more innovative stores that centre around customer interaction and experience.

This is great news for both industries, ours and the telecommunications industry. This leads to inspiring interiors, interiors such as todays feature project from Poland.  The Plus Showroom is based in Warsaw and was designed by A+D Design. This space is all about customer experience and interaction, as described by the designers below:

The main goal was to underscore that Plus is a state-of-the-art company with rich offer. The general layout that we proposed is based on circles and arcs. This idea serves numerous purposes.

It helps organize the irregular shape of the sales floor and divides it into diverse zones, depending on the purpose they serve – a more open exhibition area and more intimate service desks. And last but not least, it gives an opportunity to show the entire offer in an “exhibition ring” located in the center of sales floor.

The tree underscores the prominent location of the store. We hope that it will become a landmark of the area while at the same time emphasizing the features which are essential for the brand – the green color, the brand’s friendly nature and the sense of humor. The company store is full of cutting edge technologies but they are not overwhelming. In our opinion the simplest solutions are the best.

With this store the simplest solutions really are the best, although it looks like a rather complicated and intricate design, it simply isn’t which is why the design is so clever. I also enjoy the humorous elements to this project, the central tree feature, the funky seating, the vibrant colors and the cool stone display unit. What I enjoy most about this store is the space planning, every element and design feature has room to breathe, this is how you know a design has been well thought out and the upshot of that is that the customers too have room to breathe, which leads to happy customers. Check out the awesome images below taken from A+D Designs website.