An All Action Replay!

February 5, 2012

Our first ever project blog post was the Replay store in Florence, Italy, so we thought it was time that we pay Replay with a visit on the web to see what they are up to now. Being known for great interior design and visual merchandising we knew that we would not be let down by any of their new stores. This proved to be the case as Replay’s latest store design; their flagship store in Paris is simply awesome.

Designed by Replay the store carries on a lot of the elements from the Florence store in terms of using the vertical garden display as being one of the main themes. From the images below we see that this store is all about providing a pleasurable and relaxed shopping experience, the sectioning of the store allows for a much more passive flow where shoppers can freely move around as well as plenty of common areas to sit or to view yourself in the mirrors, I can’t quite put my finger on it but this store design has such a tranquil look and feel to it, almost as if you were strolling through Botanical Gardens on a Saturday afternoon. This is the really plus point of this design, having seen how hectic and busy Paris can be this store must be a welcome sanctuary for shoppers. What do relaxed shoppers equal? Well I can only say from experience that relaxed shopper’s leads to relaxed, happy and satisfied customers.

There are so many different elements that I enjoy about this store, the ceiling features are fantastic and provide a great sense of theatre but I also enjoy the contrast of this store, some areas such as the jeans wall, the shoes area and the façade have an industrial chic feel to them, this juxtaposes delightfully against the botanical backdrop but it also leads to clever visual merchandising as it reminds us sublimely almost about the hard wearing and industrial nature of Replay jeans. A really intriguing design that in no way let us down, we went searching for great design and didn’t we find it in abundance?